Multi Currency

About Multi Currency

Digitization of trading processes and increasing customer connectivity also direct digital transformation that provides various options in terms of simple payments. In order to reflect readiness and optimism about this transformation, Fine MLM Softwares introduces an evolution in its brand identity - it is simplified, modernized and optimized for an increasingly progressive digital environment. This brand identity reflects a holistic design system that introduces an advanced, sophisticated and inclusive presentation of all our software features at all points around the world.

That’s why we provide a multi-currency platform in order to enable you to grow and thrive WORLDWIDE.


Frequently Asked Questions

Using more than one currency in software.
Only 149$
Multi-Currency is a FineMLMSoftware extension that provides switching currencies and re-calculating rates on-the-fly.
  • Add a default foreign currency to a specific account. Then all your invoices, bills, quotes and purchase orders for that account will default to that currency. You can also view any amounts they owe in their currency.
  • Track time and expenses against jobs to help invoice faster, make better-informed decisions and drive profits