What is E-commerce

With the changing habits of customers, the significance of digital channels of sales and electronic commerce is growing. As these visitors of social networks and websites digital marketing comes into the focus. What are the trends in this way of selling and what is the place of the next-generation marketing? Here are the answers and trends:


Agile organization - constant evaluation and customization of sales channels. Given that electronic commerce takes place on the Internet, but we know it is a "living thing", it is necessary to monitor performance on a regular basis and to test different approaches.

Omnichannel store - digital omnipresence of a particular brand or e-store with consumers. In order to continuously be on the mind of your consumers, it's important to be present wherever they are: on all devices, networks, and platforms, it's important that this presence is consistent. Omnichannel is the successor to the multichannel concept, but it is also different from it because it signifies the synergy of all channels of communication, sales, and promotion.

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Contextual user experience - customizing customer experience in shopping, taking into account the needs and interests of customers. The only way to get the most out of every visit to your online store is to give the customer exactly what he wants, wherever he wants. Although it may seem that the electronic store functions by itself, this is, unfortunately, not true. As we said, it is necessary to attract visitors to your store, convert them to customers (convert) and retain them.

When we talk about the use of digital marketing in e-commerce, this is the multistage connection of these 2 concepts into all 3 phases: in attracting, converting and retaining. It is here that the significance of the 2nd trend that we mentioned has been seen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Today, people have very less time to purchase items, by going to physical stores. They prefer to browse their mobile devices or PC and shop online. Having an ecommerce site for your business will help you to capture this market base and keep your customers informed about all your latest products and services.
Yes. The affiliate module can be used to provide discounts to end-users, credit referrers, create coupon codes and more. Integrated affiliate reporting gives merchants the ability to see which affiliates and promotions are performing.
The beauty of a site lies in the way it operates and how user friendly it is. Ensure that your site is fast, easy to use, professional and attractive. Also make sure that you are able to fulfill the orders very promptly without any delay. In case you are unable to offer the service, make sure that your customer is informed about it via email.
Yes,It is possible
Yes. The editor enables you to add content and images to your web site without the use of html tags or "coding", thereby simplifying the process of updating content.
The platform can support unlimited products: from a boutique store to an online shopping mall.
Absolutely! Simply point your domain directly to your new Network Solutions Ecommerce. You do not need to use a subdomain or any other temporary domain name placeholder.