Auto Responder

About Auto Responder

Autoresponders are messages set to go out automatically after a contact subscribes to your list. You can create several messages to go out in a cycle, one after the other. For example, you could design a programme of autoresponders so that

  • when somebody signs up to your mailing list, they immediately receive a welcome message from your business
  • exactly one week later they receive discount codes for some of your products
  • three weeks later they receive an invitation to follow you on social media…

Only 2% of people respond immediately to your offer. If you bring 100 people to your website, only the two of them (maybe) will immediately buy what you offer, and 50% of people buy only when they receive 6-12 additional messages about what they are interested in.

That's why an Autoresponder feature we provide is necessary. Using it to automatically send e-mails to the people who subscribe to your mailing list, you first set up Opt-in form in which visitors can enter their name and e-mail address,in order to get more information about what you offer.

Autoresponders only react to subscriptions, imports and contacts added manually. Make sure to check the box add to cycle on day for your subscription method, or when you add contacts to your account, to get them started on the autoresponder cycle. Without this setting, the autoresponders won’t send.


Frequently Asked Questions

Auto-responder is a software program that is used to send emails automatically based on schedules or options defined by admin user
Yes, It is customizable based on client requirements.
An autoresponder is automatically send out emails to a group, or to several different groups, of people. subscribers sign up to receive emails from you. once the emails are written, the sending process is automatic. using email in this way is an astonishingly effective way to communicate
An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex. ... Autoresponders are often used as e-mail marketing tools to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow up with them at preset time intervals.
An automatic response is a pre-designated reply that is generated by a software program for incoming messages. For example, a user may set up an automatic reply for incoming e-mails that let the sender know their e-mail was received