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About Board MLM Software

Board MLM Software is one of our unique and super-fast software for recruiting members to the board tree and selling products in an efficient manner. It is used to track and manage networks based on Board Plan.

Moreover, it is fabulous software for calculating the income and expenditure of the downline members. It shows how the members work in their network. That means, we can measure the efficiency of downline members by using this software.

How Does MLM Board Plan Work?

Distributors that meet certain requirements specified by MLM firms advance to the next board on the genealogy tree. In a genealogy tree, there are several boards, and distributors are given multiple spots if they meet the criteria on the new boards.

It is also known as the Revolving matrix. When a board reaches a certain size, it splits into two sub-trees (sub-boards), with the top affiliate receiving incentive benefits and promotion to the next higher board.

Powerful Technologies Used in Board MLM Software

With innovative and highly secured technology we structured this strong software. You can keep track of everything that happens in your gift plan network. Your safety and reliability are our priority. By buying our Board MLM software, you may experience our full unique features.

Board MLM Software Features

a) Auto-responder

With an effective autoresponder series, you are able to build strong relationships with your members without paying immediate attention to them.

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b) Replication

We provide cloned websites for networking whenever a member joins us. Making an accurate copy is called replication. Here we provide the Member with a duplicate webpage without changing the source code.

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c) Ticket System

You can provide fast responses and support for users through the ticket system. Fine MLM users can use this ticket to solve issues according to their presence. The manager is notified of the situation and can assign it to a department.

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d) Multi-Currency

You can make a transaction in any currency by using a multi-currency module. Furthermore, you may calculate the worth of transactions in terms of your currency.

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e) Multi-Language

You can view the complete information in several languages using a multi-language module.

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f) Promotional Tools

Promotional tools are an extremely effective module for marketing your products. The relevance of deploying promotional tools has grown in recent years.

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g) Lead Capture

Fine's lead capture system will assist you in gathering information such as website visitors' names, email addresses, and so on.

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h) Payment Gateways

Our system is integrated into the latest payment gateways for payment such as credit cards. In addition, we have a highly secure payment portal.

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Features Of Board Plan

Refferal/Faststart/Sponsor Bonus

The referral bonus or commission is actually calculated considering the number of sales and as if all the plans this MLM plan even provides a commission to the users for all the sponsoring or referrals. Some organizations refferal quantity allotted depends on purchase bundle amount.some of them depends sponsor rank too.fee amount credited mechanically to sponsor account or completing the registration approve by using admin.

Level Commission

"Level commission" Here, the active downline members gets a quality amount as bonus & the commission entirely depends on the sales of downline members of the matrix. Based on the business plan, company sets the compensation level.

Completion Bonus

Here when set target by board members are achieved, members gets the bonus amount. All members work together that makes easy for each member to achieve the goal. This is the basic concept involved in Completion Bonus.

Matching Bonus

This is earned or received by a sponsor when a downline receives bonuses. It comes in a certain percentage as is stated in the company rule and policies. Our Board MLM Plan software enables you to manage and alter the rules to suit any business administrator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here every member get a blank board to be fill with its downline. Board is provided with number of rows and column. Once if he fill up the board, he is eligible for the next board. Its beneficial for both member as well as company. Here the commission amount is set by the admin.
It is easy plan to use, with unlimited downlines. Best part is commission amount is decided by admin.
  • Single Board
  • Multi Board
  • Shuffling Board
  • Auto Filling Board
  • Manual Filling Board
  • Board Completion Income
  • Sponsor/Direct Income
  • Level Income
  • Position Income
  • Royalty Income
Board Plan got its name, by helping its team member to grow. When the member exceeds its team limit, its automatically shifted to next board. Best player is set at the top of the next board. This keep on repeating for everyboard.

Fine Borad MLM Software Reviews & Rating

We are happily announcing to you the Fine MLM software got a 4.8 rating out of 5.

Rated 4.8 / 5

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